The Lost Heaven (literally!), Beijing, China

I was fortunate enough to visit a restaurant named “the Lost Heaven” in Beijing, China. My first impressions of the surroundings were good since the restaurant was situated in a posh neighborhood near the Tiananmen Square (No.23, Qian Men Dong Da Jie, Beijing, China). 

The restaurant itself is a piece of art from inside, amazingly beautiful decorations and the representation of the served food is excellent.

The food served has its roots in Yunnan cuisine which has some similarities with food from neighboring regions such as Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. The price is ok, but the restaurant is a little bit more expensive than a “regular” restaurant in Beijing.


There are plenty of choices in both meat and vegetarian dishes. The food quite a lot more spicy than the food from the North parts of China but not as spicy as Thai food.

I’m happy to recommend the restaurant for ones that aren’t afraid of spicy food and are willing to try this much less known kitchen. A definite GO.



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