The Great: Jin Jin Eating House, Singapore


I prefer street food over fine dining since I think that I get better vibes from street food and of course the price is also lower which is always a good thing when you eat 100+ times a year in a Restaurant.

If you love street food too, Singapore is a GREAT place! It’s filled with especially local/Chinese/Malaysian food courts or Hawker Centers as they are also called. Since it’s generally pretty expensive to eat in SG, food courts are an affordable option to the expensive food served in most restaurants (well you can also find cheaper restaurants especially from China Town but that’s a different story…)

I wanted to show you one food court. It’s definitely not the only one, maybe not even the best and it’s one of the smallest for sure.

But the most important thing to consider is the food… I got the very best noodle soup from there. Ever. Period.




So here it comes: Let me introduce you the Jin Jin Eating House (no website and it’s NOT Chin Chin Eating House)

It’s situated in the crossing of North Bridge Road and Liang Seah Street near the center of Singapore (Raffles and others) and there is only one thing to say about it: I recommend.

The pricing could be described being reasonable. Noodle soups cost about 4,5 SGD per portion so with the price of food and drinks in an average restaurant you eat here probably at least 10 times. So next time you’re starving in SG, I really advise you to try it.



Jin Jin Eating House
My tasty noodles


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