A Word about My Stories


First of all, welcome to my site! I introduced this “My Stories”-section today as a response to the Finnish-only “Ajatuksia”, which is actually a Psychology-oriented look to my encounters.


In this part of the blog, I share my thoughts with a little more wider range of topics. Some posts are related to Traveling and some may even be displayed on both sections. Some are not and I’ll publish them here. 


I’m not going to apologize this in all of my posts but I’m not a native English speaker, so my writings may reflect that fact. I don’t let it disturb me. Languages exist for information sharing and that’s why I invented this blog and this site too. 


I’ll get back to this question a bit later but I want to ask you what really is the point (in your opinion) in traveling? Are you exploring new worlds to gain new experiences? What can you as a traveler give to the ones living in the target country? Does cultural exchange happen if I go to… let’s say Thailand? I’ll leave you with these questions. I would be more than happy if you, my dear visitors, would comment them. I’ll write about it a bit later.





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