Hunger Grows after Eating


I have to admit: hunger really grows after eating. I have now been photo blogging actively a few months and the day came today when I realized that I can’t survive with my phone anymore – I’ll have to start carrying my DSLR camera with me.


The problem is that I only have a 50mm lens for it and I’m much more used to cover a wider area in my pictures. So if in near future you see a lot of closeups from me, it’s probably due to getting used to my DSLR again after a break.


I love taking pictures but it’s always a choice you have to make: are you a general-purpose all-round panorama guy or a closeup master? I would love to be both, but my best images are somewhere in between those two genres. So now I’m planning to add an approximately 35mm lens to my bag ASAP to have a little more choice.


So stay tuned, there will be much more to come in future!



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