Fortress Hill, HK

I decided to start series of my Subway station related writings from Fortress Hill station in HK Island. It’s not a major hub but it was the site where I decided that these stories have to be written to my blog.



Here is the name of the station both in Chinese and in English. The station is situated on the (HK) Island Line 5 stations to the East from the Central.

Compared to the Kowloon side of the sea, this part of Hong Kong called the Causeway Bay is much more influenced from Chinese culture and it’s remarkably less filled with tourists and expats as for example Tsim Sha Tsui region. For an occasional tourist, there is not much to see around the station. A few Chinese restaurants and the famous Tim Ho Wan (world’s now second cheapest Michelin star?) restaurant is situated in vicinity as well as a  quality burger restaurant Texas Burger (109 Electric Road).

So for the food explorer it might be a decent destination for an evening trip. I took a nice picture from the roof bar of the Harbour Grand Hotel situated near Fortress Hill Station. It shows the skyline of the HK Island side. For better resolution, I suggest you to visit my IG feed.



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