I love to write quotes and small stories. I want to share them with you at this page. How I publish my writings vary. Sometimes I include them in pictures and those can also be found from my Instagram gallery. I don’t always include my writings to the pictures to focus the reader’s attention either to the picture or the text. Sometimes I don’t use a picture at all. In all cases, I hope YOU enjoy!


The End of the World?

NO! Because no such thing exist! There are only boundaries between different Worlds.

This picture was taken from Vantaa in Finland in April 2017. I thought the closed gate and the mast were so spooky that I felt it was really “the end of the world”. Ideologically I don’t support that and that’s why I made a picture-quote of it.

It’s sad if someone has a heart of stone. But does it make a difference if that stone is a truly beautiful one?

You really don’t have to heal the world. Just leave it alone. It will take care of itself.

Don’t worry about the storm. Storms come and go but no storm is powerful enough to wash away what you have saved to your heart.